Our Strategy

Triangle Equity Group follows a strict approach to acquisitions and management of commercial real estate investment opportunities. Our detailed market analysis and multi-factored approach to financial underwriting is combined with strong partnerships with best in class property management resulting in a proven track record.

Investor Focus:

Our strategy is focused on driving strong returns for investors with a conservative acquisition criterion.

  • Investors may have the opportunity to participate at minimums of $50K and in some cases $25K.
  • Typical holding period for commercial properties is 5 to 7 years.
  • Objective is to provide 6-7% annual cash returns to investors paid either monthly or quarterly.
  • The goal for total return over the hold period is 12-15% AAR on invested capital.

* TEG and its operators seek to achieve the stated objectives. There can be no guarantee the objectives will be met.

Example of Investment Criteria:

  • Apartment complex of 10+ units
  • Cash flowing Class A or Class B property
  • Minimum occupancy of 85%
    • Lower occupancy may be acceptable if we determine a strategic advantage in such cases
commercial real estate investments with pool view and exterior clubhouse view

Examples of Value Creation Strategies:

  • Improve demographic profile through exterior appeal
    • Capital improvements such as painting, Fitness Center enhancements, Landscaping improvements, Addition of amenities
  • Increase rental income through interior renovations
    • Granite counters, cabinets, appliances, LVP flooring, technology packages
  • Reduce expenses
    • Distribute utility costs by implementing RUBS and other cost recuperating measures
    • Reduce vendor costs through selective maintenance hires
    • Utilize strategic  vendor  and service provider  relationships to capture best pricing of services
  • Add income-producing facilities
    • Bulk Wi-Fi/ Tech Packages
    • Covered Parking/ Reserved Parking

Target Markets:

Markets and sub-markets that show above-average growth over a 3-year period. The key elements of above-average growth are visible in the form of:

  • increasing population especially the 25-45 age group
  • strong employment opportunities
  • diversified or rapidly diversifying economy
  • mixed-use areas that promote businesses and apartment communities
  • new construction activity
  • arrival of major businesses such as tech companies, manufacturing and major national food chains
investing in apartments at Broadstone Sienna with pool & exterior view