Risk Warning:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prior to engaging in any investment activities, we urge you to carefully review the subsequent risk disclosure concerning the website of a commercial real estate syndication entity. This statement outlines potential hazards related to participating in any investment opportunities presented on the platform.

Investment Exposure:

Investing in projects involving commercial real estate carries inherent risks, encompassing market oscillations, shifts in economic conditions, and unforeseen occurrences that could impact property valuation. No assurance is provided regarding returns on investment or the attainment of anticipated financial outcomes.

Limited Marketability:

Commercial real estate investments frequently possess restricted marketability, potentially hindering the immediate sale or transfer of ownership interests. This limitation may lead to prolonged inaccessibility to invested capital.

Property Performance:

The performance of a commercial property may be influenced by factors such as occupancy rates, rental earnings, and property outlays. These elements are subject to fluctuations over time, influencing the overall profitability of the investment.

Legal and Regulatory Uncertainties:

Alterations in local, state, or federal regulations, zoning ordinances, and tax statutes could impact the financial performance of the property and introduce unanticipated liabilities or expenditures.

Expertise and Capability of Managers:

The success of a real estate investment hinges upon the competence and experience of the syndication entity’s management team. A lack of proficiency, poor decision-making, or mismanagement may detrimentally affect investment performance.

Economic and Market Instabilities:

Commercial real estate investments are susceptible to economic downturns and shifts in the real estate sector. Variations in interest rates, demand and supply dynamics, and overall economic conditions can impact property valuations and investment returns.

Portfolio Diversification:

Investors should be aware that concentrating a substantial portion of their investment portfolio in a singular commercial real estate venture heightens the risk of concentration. Spreading investments across diverse asset categories and geographical regions is crucial to mitigating potential losses.

Limited Decision-Making Control:

Investors in commercial real estate syndications usually possess limited control over day-to-day managerial choices. Operational and financial determinations are primarily executed by the syndication entity’s management team.

Risks of Debt Financing:

If a commercial property is financed through debt, additional risks related to potential defaults or refinancing challenges could impact investment profitability.

Past Performance Not Predictive:

Historical performance data provided on the website should not be construed as a guarantee of future performance. Real estate investments are subject to various uncertainties and may not yield anticipated results.

Thorough Evaluation and Consultation:

Prospective investors are strongly advised to meticulously examine all offering documents, including the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), or other pertinent materials. Seeking guidance from financial advisors or legal experts before making any investment decisions is crucial. Commercial real estate syndication entails substantial risks, and investments should only be made with funds that can be spared without jeopardizing financial stability.

Privacy Policy:

We highly value your privacy. Federal regulations mandate us to disclose our procedures for collecting, safeguarding, and sharing your personal information. Additionally, you possess certain rights to limit the sharing of this information. The following Privacy Notice delineates our approach to non-public personal information of current, prospective, and former investors. This policy may change, but we will notify you of any modifications.

Personal Information Collection:

Personal information such as addresses, email addresses, Social Security or Employee Identification Numbers, assets, and income details are obtained from you through subscription agreements, investor questionnaires, conversations, transactions, and third-party sources.

Limited Disclosure:

Non-public personal information is shared with our affiliates for standard business purposes and with non-affiliated third parties for specified reasons, including transaction administration, financing purposes, and legal requirements.

Consent and Legal Compliance:

We may disclose your personal information with your consent, as required by law, or in response to government or regulatory requests or investigations.

Text Messaging Usage:

If you engage with our SMS/text messaging, we collect personal information like your name, mobile number, and texting preferences. This data is used to manage our messaging program, including sending investment-related messages. Your wireless carrier’s practices govern the security of this information in transit or storage.

Your privacy is our priority, and we remain dedicated to upholding the security of your personal information.