Business Overview:

Triangle Equity Group (TEG) focuses on commercial real estate properties to provide investors with economies of scale, strong cash flow, and faster equity accumulation. TEG acquires large-scale properties for investors, such as apartment complexes that are located in growth markets that allow for rent growth, expense reduction and controls through operational efficiencies, and value appreciation. In addition, numerous opportunities exist for investors to push out and/or reduce taxes. With over $250 million of assets under management, the principals at TEG have an established track record.

Business Highlights:

Commercial Real Estate

Large-scale assets such as Apartment Complexes, Self-Storage, Mobile Homes, Land, SFR Flip Funds.

Steady Cash Flow

Immediate and predictable rental income backed by real property. Large number of units reduce risk of vacancy loss.

Value Appreciation

Market value of commercial properties is directly proportional to the net income. Allowing for the ability to improve value through rental growth and operational efficiencies.

Tax Benefits

Opportunity for cost segregation provides accelerated depreciation of 5-15 years instead of 27-39 years. Tax deferral possibilities through 1031 exchanges.